PME<00379> - Exceptional Turnover Movement

The Stock Exchange has received a message from PME Group Limited           
which is reproduced as follows:-

"This statement is made at the request of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong 

We have noted the recent increase in the turnover of the shares of the 
Company and wish to state that, saved for the placing of 160 million 
shares of the Company today as stated in the Company's announcement dated 
28 January 2004, we are not aware of any reasons for such increase.

We also confirm that there are no negotiations or agreements relating to 
intended acquisitions or realisations which are discloseable under 
paragraph 3 of the Listing Agreement, neither is the Board aware of any 
matter discloseable under the general obligation imposed by paragraph 2 of 
the Listing Agreement, which is or may be of a price-sensitive nature.

Made by the order of the board of the Company the directors (except for 
Ms Chan Yim Fan and Mr Li Kin Kent who are unable to be contacted) of 
which individually and jointly accept responsibility for the accuracy of 
this statement.

By Order of the Board of
PME Group Limited

Li Chak Hung
Company Secretary

Hong Kong, 29 January 2004"