2001 Interim Report

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
Company Profile
Principal Financial Data and Indicators
Change in Share Capital and Shareholdings of Principal Shareholders
Business Review and Prospects
Management's Discussion and Analysis (1)
Management's Discussion and Analysis (2)
Disclosure of Significant Events
Consolidated Profit and Loss Account
Consolidated Balance Sheet
Condensed Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Shareholders' Funds
Notes on the unaudited interim accounts
Independent Review Report
Balance sheets
Income Statements and Profit Appropriation Statements
Cash Flow Statements
Notes on the Unaudited Interim Accounts (1)
Notes on the Unaudited Interim Accounts (2)
Differences Between Interim Accounts Prepared Under the PRC Accounting Rules and Regulations and IAS
Supplementary Information for North American Shareholders
Compliance with Code of Best Practice; Purchase, Sale and Redemption of Shares; Interests of Directors', Supervisors' and Other Senior Management in the Share Capital of Sinopec
Documents Available for Inspection
Corporate Culture