Listing by Introduction

Vale S.A. (06210)
Expected Timetable
Glossary of Technical Terms
Forward-Looking Statements
Risk Factors
Presentation of Financial Information
Information about this Listing Document and the Introduction
Directors, Executive Officers and Parties Involved in the Introduction
Corporate Information
Listings, Terms of Depositary Receipts and Depositary Agreements, Registration, Dealings and Settlement
Industry Overview
History and Development
Shareholding Structure
Relationship with VALEPAR
Directors, Executive Officers, Committees and Staff
Share Capital
Substantial Shareholders
Financial Information
Future Plans and Prospects and Reasons for the Introduction
Appendix I - Audited Financial Statements
Appendix II - Unaudited Interim Financial Information
Appendix III - Summaries of Competent Persons' Reports
Appendix IV - Modifications of the Listing Rules
Appendix V - Summary of the By-Laws, Certain Provisions of Brazilian Corporate Law and Certain Brazilian, US and Other Securities and Tax Regulations
Appendix VI - Shareholder Protection Matters
Appendix VII - Summary of the Principal Laws and Regulations Relevant to the Group's Business Operations
Appendix VIII - Statutory and General Information
Appendix IX - Documents Available for Inspection
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