Standard Chartered Plc (2888)
Expected Timetable
Risk Factors
Information about this Prospectus and the Share Offer
Directors and Other Corporate Information
Parties Involved in the Share Offer
Description of Business
Future Plans and Strategy
Directors, Senior Management and Staff
Substantial Shareholder
Share Capital
Financial Information
Use of Proceeds and Reasons for the Listing
Structure of the Share Offer
How to Apply for Hong Kong Public Offer Shares
Appendix I - Accountants' Report
Appendix II - Summary of Significant Differences between U.K. Gaap and Hong Kong Gaap
Appendix III - Property Valuations
Appendix IV - Summary of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and English Company Law
Appendix V - Registration and Transfer Shares between Registers
Appendix VI - Regulatory Environment
Appendix VII - Taxation
Appendix VIII - Statutory and General Information
Appendix IX - Documents Delivered to the Registrar of Companies and Available for Inspection