Ocean Grand Chemicals Holdings Limited (2882)
Expected Timetable
Summary of This Prospectus
Glossary of Technical Terms
Risk Factors
Information About This Prospectus and the Share Offer
Directors and Parties Involved In the Share Offer
Corporate Information
Industry Overview
Business of the Group
Future Plans and Use of Proceeds
Directors, Audit Committee, Senior Management and Staff
Substantial Shareholders
Share Capital
Financial Information
Underwriting Arrangements Under the Share Offer
Structure of the Share Offer
How to Apply for the Public Offer Shares and Reserved Shares
Appendix I - Accountants' Report
Appendix II - Profit Estimate
Appendix III - Property Valuation Report
Appendix IV - Summary of the Constitution of the Company and Bermuda Company Law
Appendix V - Statutory and General Information
Appendix VI - Documents Delivered and Available for Inspection