Global Offering

Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited (03808)
Expected Timetable
Glossary of Technical Terms
Risk Factors
Forward-Looking Statements
Information about this Prospectus and the Global Offering
Directors and Parties Involved in the Global Offering
Corporate Information
Industry Overview and Regulation
History, Reorganization and Corporate Structure
Relationship with the Parent Company
Connected Transactions
Directors, Senior Management and Employees
Substantial Shareholders
Share Capital
The Corporate Placing
Financial Information
Future Plans and Use of Proceeds
Structure of the Global Offering
How to Apply for Hong Kong Offer Shares
Further Terms and Conditions of the Hong Kong Public Offering
Appendix I : Accountants' Report
Appendix II : Unaudited Pro Forma Financial Information
Appendix III : Profit Forecast
Appendix IV : Property Valuation Report
Appendix V : Taxation
Appendix VI : Summary of Articles of Association
Appendix VII : Statutory and General Information
Appendix VIII : Documents Delivered to the Registrar of Companies and Available for Inspection
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